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Plastic Injection Molder, Rotational & Metal Injection Molding | Ash Industries | Lafayette, LA
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Plastic Injection Molder, Rotational & Metal Injection Molding | Ash Industries | Lafayette, LA
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Low Volume Plastic Molded Parts Instead of 3D Printing - Supermold | Ash Industries | Lafayette, LA
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Free Injection Molding Design Tool - the NERD | ASH Industries | Lafayette, LA
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Polyurethane Parts
Cast Molding - Injection Molding - Custom Parts - Bushings - Rollers - Gears & Sprockets - Liners - Coil Pads - Rings & Gaskets

We can tackle the hardest jobs in the industry... 

regardless of the design or field we can help. 

Polymer Components is a leader in cast molding urethane parts as well as other materials.

We are known for our ability to innovate and produce high-end and complex OEM parts for industries around the world. Our parts save you money by performing better for longer and reducing manufacturing costs with our innovative processes.

We work with some of the world's leading material manufactures and custom design our own formulas to make sure your part is low cost and yet high end. Our company has over 250+ years of combined experience casting meaning we provide faster turnarounds, less scrap and a worry-free experience.

We are best known for tackling the hardest jobs in the industry.

Regardless of the design or field we can help. With dozens of material choices and many manufacturing processes, we can make the parts you need. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the industry to increase uptime, reduce product damage and improve their bottom line. 


For medium to low volume orders we have a 100,000 sq ft factory with some of the most experienced staff in America. We provide high quality hand casted, spin casted, compression molded parts and much more. Our acquisition of COVE PLASTICS allows us to injection mold at a high volume and with large or small shots.


We are one of the first to product the common No Crush Roller decades ago.

We are highly experienced in roller production and design our formulas to enhance your target property performances from friction increase/ decrease to non marking and more.


Our Company design allows us to do everything from mold making and insert production to injection/ cast molding. When you work with us, it’s a stress free experience.

Contact us today and tell us about your needs!

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 Ralph Brett, Sales
2166 Parksville Road PO Box 737 Benton TN 37307


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